Selling a Practice


Bespoke Service

If you’re going to sell your practice, you want to know everything is being done properly.

DBS have helped many dentists market and sell their practices to corporates, principals and associates, including highly complex set-ups where our detailed accounting knowledge is invaluable.

Our bespoke service takes care of the valuation, the marketing of the practice, organising all of the viewings, and negotiations on price.

The Investment

Every practice sale is different as we provide a bespoke service to each client.

Our specific fee proposal will be provided after an initial conversation with our Managing Partner, George Manolescue, to ascertain your tailored requirements.

If you would like George to contact you discreetly please email George on and he will contact you at a time that suits you best.


What's Included

  • Free valuation, if you then employ us as brokers.
  • Non-invasive valuation.  Avoids any suspicion and gossip at the practice, meaning the practice can continue without any insecurity for the staff.
  • No hard sell techniques.  You will not be hounded if you change your mind after receiving the valuation.
  • Deep understanding of dental practices.  This is applied throughout the whole process.  Though we have never seen two identical dental practices, we can quickly spot key issues and opportunities in the dental marketplace.
  • Confidential management of the sale.  This greatly reduces any stress on you, and minimises disruption at your practice.
  • Ethical sales and marketing practices.  We recognise that your business is the result of your hard work and is likely to be the culmination of your lifetime of work and studying.  All this is taken into account.
  • Help to reduce your capital gains tax liability.  Wherever possible we’ll address this aspect so that you can keep more of the sale proceeds for yourself.
  • Introduction to independent financial advisors.  These are reliable advisors we know and trust who will help you decide on the best use of your sale proceeds and any amendments to your existing insurance policies.
  • Advice on maximising practice value.  If you decide that now is not the right time to sell, we’ll happily give you advice on how you can get more value out of your practice for the future.

What Our Clients Say


Thinking of selling your practice? Learn about the 3 things you need to think about before a sale. This little guide has helped hundreds of dental professionals get real results. Now it's your turn.

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