Buying A Practice


Bespoke Service

Buying into a practice can be a daunting yet exciting venture.

Help is at hand to make the right decisions in order to achieve success and satisfaction from the outset.

No two practices are the same. We recommend our offer of a free initial no cost and no commitment meeting at our offices in Thame to establish what your individual needs are and whether we are the right firm for you.

Your 3 Investment Options

  • 1 We will agree a fixed fee for our comprehensive service, which will be payable in three instalments which includes everything in our menu of services below.
  • 2 Choose from our menu of services and only pay for specific advice and assistance.
  • 3 Review and advising in respect of the finance requirement of your purchase.

Menu Of Services

  • Due diligence – investigating the business and checking for potential problems and issues, so that you can make an informed decision on the opportunity and its value
  • Fixed fee, we don’t accept commissions
  • Feasibility study (ensures project is financially viable and will meet your personal financial requirements)
  • Business plan
  • Forecasts if required
  • Tax planning aspects report
  • Review of legal agreements (ensures that the terms are legally sound and financially appropriate)
  • Systems recommendation – helping you to set up properly from the start
  • Any and all advice and assistance regarding your practice purchase

Rest Assured

Know what the practice is truly worth

You’ll get an objective evaluation of the practice opportunity formed by people who deal with sales of dental practices on a daily basis.  You’ll also receive the benefit of sound financial advice on practice values backed up by years of experience in the marketplace.

Get the best bank terms and rates available. 

We know what the banks expect and we know what to expect from the banks.  You can feel confident that the terms and rates are the best available in the market at the time.  The transaction will progress as smoothly as possible and you’ll have low stress.  Or even none!

Financially sound legal contracts that protect you. 

All the legal contracts for purchase will be financially sound and give you the protection you need.  Should any problems occur the agreements will be applicable and enforceable.

True independent advice. 

We don’t take commission, so you can be certain our advice is truly independent.  It’s also much more likely you’ll save money compared to using brokers or going direct.

Less risk of unwelcome surprises. 

Having investigated any potential problems with the practice you are purchasing, you’ll find your risk of nasty surprises is lower.  There’s also a much better opportunity for you to quickly build a successful (and profitable!) practice.

Looking For A Practice For Sale?

We do not advertise practices for sale on our website, but we do have clients that are looking to sell their practice either currently or in the future, and we also know of other opportunities on the market.

If you are interesting in purchasing a dental practice, please fill out your requirements below and we will revert to you with suitable opportunities that we are aware of. 

Your enquiry will be dealt with in the strictest confidence so please provide an email address that is totally secure and private.

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What Our Clients Say


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